JD Work


Part-time Faculty


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JD Work serves as the Bren Chair for Cyber Conflict and Security at the Marine Corps University, where he leads research to develop the theory, practice, and operational art of the cyber warfighting function, and to explore the wider role of the cyber instrument in national security strategy and the future defense competition and stability problem space.

Mr. Work has over two decades experience working in cyber intelligence and operations roles for the private sector and US government. He previously directed international research programs at a think tank to provide insight into the emerging strategic issues, economic consequences, and technology implications created by hostilities in the virtual domain. He has built and led multiple intelligence activities and research programs that have sought establish a reliable baseline of observations regarding the engagements, follow on effects, capabilities, doctrine, and drivers behind the antagonistic action of potential combatants in the networked environment, in order to support early warning, crisis management and crisis prevention in and through cyberspace.

Since 2001, he has developed and taught analytic tradecraft and other courses advancing the discipline of intelligence studies at a number of academic institutions and US government agencies. He now continues to teach with the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, as well as the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

Cyber conflict, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, transnational issues, influence operation, covert action

Offensive cyber and counter-cyber operations, intelligence warning and failure, conflict futures