International Science and Technology Policy


The graduate certificate in international science and technology policy allows students to understand the role of science and technology in policymaking and how governmental policies, laws, and regulations influence science and technology production from an international perspective. The program is designed for graduate students in related fields or professionals in government, industry, and nonprofits who wish to develop a background in science and technology policy. Students develop basic analytical skills as well as focus on a particular theme, including technology innovation, internet policy, space policy, energy policy, and environmental policy.


Program of Study


What's International Science and Technology Policy All About? 

Who can better speak to the question than former Assistant Director for Federal Research and Development and Senior Advisor to the Director for the National Science and Technology Council at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (and International Science and Technology Policy MA program alum) Kei Koizumi. Watch his Bromley Event keynote lecture and Q&A to discover more.