International Studies Master's Program

Globalization of economic, political, social, and cultural activity has created opportunities and challenges for tomorrow's international leaders. Given its influence upon world events, Washington, D.C., offers an unparalleled vantage point from which to study our globalized world. The Master of International Studies (M.I.S.) recruits exclusively among alumni of master’s degree programs at the Elliott School’s international partners around the globe. The M.I.S. provides alumni of renowned foreign universities with an opportunity to experience firsthand all D.C.  has to offer. Students  network with their American peers,examine the forces shaping the world today, and determine together what can, and should, be done to address global challenges.


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What You'll Study 

At the Elliott School, MIS students combine key theories and practical applications from their previous studies in political science, economics and history with specialized study of a global issue or in regional studies. 


Program of Study



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How to Apply 


When you're ready to apply to the program, you will need to follow the graduate admissions process, including completing and submitting the online application with all of the required materials 


There are also certain prerequisites that applicants must meet to be able to apply to the program. 



Applicants must be current students and recent alumni (within 3 years) of Masters' programs at Elliott School International Partners.

American University in Cairo

European University at St. Petersburg

Ewha Womans University

Free University of Berlin

Fudan University

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

Jawaharlal Nehru University

London School of Economics

Maastricht University

Nanyang Technological University

Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro

Universidad Torcuata di Tella

The University of Hong Kong

University of Sydney

University of Witwatersrand

Waseda University

Applicants should review the course equivalencies for their institution. Students who wish to have other coursework considered in place of these equivalencies should upload the syllabi of those courses along with their transcripts at the time of application.

Upper-intermediate, college level language coursework (4 semesters of university level coursework) in a modern foreign language is required at the time of application to the M.I.S. program. Applicants who are native speakers of English may explain their language experience within the application.

Course background in economics (micro- and macroeconomics) is a prerequisite to help prepare students to complete the graduate-level economics course(s) required within the M.I.S. curriculum. Course(s) must be successfully completed through an accredited institution in:

  • Introductory Microeconomics
  • Introductory Macroeconomics


  • Principles of Economics

In some cases, a student may be admitted who has not fulfilled the economics requirement**; in which case, the student is required to take course(s) at an accredited college/university prior to enrollment at the Elliott School.

**Spring applicants are expected to have fulfilled this prerequisite at the time of application.


Where You'll Go 


Our graduates continue to pursue a wide variety of exciting careers in diplomacy and public service, business, security, conflict resolution, development and public health. For 2016 graduates, the top employers included: 

Embassy of Finland

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Agency for International Development

Women for Women International

While you study with us and even once you leave, we'll provide you with resources and support to help you get the job you've always wanted post-graduation. From career counseling, workshops, site visits and information sessions, The Graduate Student Career Development Center has a variety of tools and tips to get you to where you want to be. 



"The MIS program was a valuable addition to my degree from the London School of Economics. Not only did the coursework supplement what I had learned abroad, but it allowed me to specialize in areas I had been interested in exploring further during my first degree. While the entire year was a great experience, I valued the diversity of the program and its students the most during my time at the Elliott School."

N. Aronzon (LSE)