Transfer Credit from Abroad

As per the GW University Bulletin, Graduate Programs:

"No more than 9 graduate credit hours may be transferred from other accredited institutions or another division of the University, and these may be accepted only under limited conditions of time, grades, and relevance to the student's [Elliott School M.A.] program."

The Elliott School allows an exception to the transfer credit policy for M.A. students who attend an International Exchange Partner school. Those students will be allowed to transfer a maximum of 10 hours of graduate credit, provided the student has received no prior transfer credit. No student may earn more than 10 transfer credits total (e.g. students cannot combine 6 transfer credits and 10 transfer credits from an International Exchange Partner).

Transfer credits may be used as electives or for the major field, as determined in conversation with the Program Director and the Office of Graduate Student Services.

Transfer credit from abroad requires:

  1. An Elliott School Transfer Credit Approval Form (pdf).
    • For each course taken abroad, a student must obtain approval from a GW faculty member in the corresponding department for each course to be transferred into the degree program.
    • Students should request that the GW faculty member review the course description and determine the most suitable GW course equivalent or note approval for a special topics course (e.g. IAFF 6118, 6138, 6158, 6186, 6318, 6338, 6358, 6378, etc). The professor should indicate the specific equivalent GW course for the course taken abroad (e.g. course ABC from abroad = IAFF 6343). Students should seek faculty approval prior to enrolling in any non-GW course.
    • Students should submit completed forms to the Elliott School Graduate Student Service office.
  2. An official transcript for completed work. Upon successful completion of the course abroad, the student must provide an official transcript in a sealed envelope to the Elliott School Graduate Student Services office at 1957 E Street NW, Suite 603, Washington, DC 20052.
  3. The student must earn a grade equivalent to B or higher at GW. Pass/fail or credit/no credit is not acceptable for purposes of transfer credit.

Upon receipt of the Transfer Credit Approval Form and the official transcript, with the appropriate grade, International and Academic Initiatives will post the transfer credit. Note that the grade earned abroad will not be posted on the GW transcript, only the credits transferred.

Students who participate in GW Short-Term Abroad courses earn direct GW credits and thus the transfer credit policy does not apply to those courses.