Forms for Undergraduate Students

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Transaction Forms 


Consortium is a way to take classes not offered at GWU at partner schools around the area. You can find more details on the Consortium information page. 

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Consortium Information & Form

Continuous Enrollment or Leave of Absence Request

Continuous Enrollment (CE) and Leave of Absence (LOA) are ways for you to continue your GW education in a non traditional capacity. 

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CE or LOA Request Form (PDF)

Course Substitution Request

A CSR is a request to have a course count toward an Elliott School requirement if that course is not already approved in the ESIA curriculum.

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Course Substitution Request (Online Form)

Grade Grievance (IAFF Courses Only)

The Elliott School has established a three-step process to address grade grievances for IAFF courses as a result of reported arbitrary or capricious academic evaluation, in alignment with the Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities (PDF). For grade grievances in non-IAFF courses, students should contact the respective academic department/school.

  • Step #1: The student contacts the faculty member of the course, or the relevant program director if the faculty member is unavailable, to discuss concerns. The student must make contact within the first four weeks of the following semester for which the grade was issued. If a solution is reached please complete the relevant portions of the Grade Grievance form (PDF). If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student should proceed to the next step.
  • Step #2: The student completes the Grade Grievance form (PDF), following the instructions in step two, and contacts the program director who oversees the course. If the program director is the course instructor, the associate dean of academic affairs will conduct this step of the review. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student should proceed to the next step.
  • The associate dean for academic affairs will convene a faculty review committee. The review committee will make a final determination. This committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.  

Contact your academic advisor with questions.

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Grade Grievance Form (PDF)

Incomplete Grade Contract

Incomplete Grade Contract is a contract between a student and their professor allowing the student to complete required coursework up to a year after they took the course.

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Incomplete Grade Contract (PDF)

Language Exam Request

This form is used to request to have an exam administered via the Elliott School that will confirm proficiency in a language other than English beyond the required third year level. 

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Language Exam Request (Online Form)

Late (Paper) Graduation Application 

The Late (Paper) Graduation Application is used by students who are not able to apply for graduation online via GWeb. 

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Late (Paper) Graduation Application (PDF)

Policy Exception Request

The Policy Exception Request Form is used when a student is looking for an exception to an Elliott School policy only.

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Policy Exception Request (Online Form)

Registration Transaction Form

The Registration Transaction Form Classic, or RTF for short, can be used to override registration errors and make other adjustments to courses.

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Registration Transaction Form-Classic (PDF)


Please note this form is different than the RTF Classic. Please review the differences on the Registrar website

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Transfer Credit Approval Form

A TCA form is used when you are considering taking any courses at an institution outside of GW post-matriculation, or after you have actively been enrolled at GW.

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Transfer Credit Approval Form (PDF)

Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness

The undergraduate academic forgiveness form is used for students who would like to retake a course for credit. Review eligibility requirements at the top of the form. 

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Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness (PDF)

Program Declaration Forms

Academic Plans 

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