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The Office of Graduate Student Services (GSS) combines graduate academic advising, international education, and career development under one roof in order to help students plan their studies for their future careers. It is dedicated to providing guidance throughout a graduate student's tenure at the Elliott School and worldwide career opportunities to current graduate students and graduate alumni.




"Graduate Student Services (GSS) offers a unique integration of academic, experiential, and career support for students as they become the next generation of leaders in global public service. Our goal is to help graduate students to maximize their program of study and focus their passion through professional work experience that benefits the wider international community. Please come visit us!"


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"The mentorship program I found through Elliott's Graduate School Services is precisely the kind of opportunity I was looking for when I traveled to the US all the way from Pakistan as a Fulbright scholar. The program will prepare me for the critical, front-line work on youth-led, community-centered peace-building in the Pakistani society."

Shaheera Jalil Albasit

Employment Data

Every year, GSS collects data on the Elliott School's master-level graduating class and processes it for the employment reports.

Here is a snapshot of where the 2017 graduating class was six months after graduation. Here are the employment reports for the past few years:

2020-2021 Graduate Employment Survey Report
2019-2020 Graduate Employment Survey Report
2018-2019 Graduate Employment Survey Report
2017-2018 Graduate Employment Survey Report
2016-2017 Graduate Employment Survey Report


The George Washington University and the Office of Graduate Student Services encourage professional behavior from all students. This includes keeping their commitments to attend professional meetings and programs, including:

  • Scheduled appointments
  • Career-related events (workshops, networking events, speakers/panels, etc.)
  • Employer events (presentations & site visits)

Students should cancel academic advising, career counseling, study abroad appointments and event RSVPs at least 24 hours before the meeting and the event.  Students are expected to cancel their own appointments and event RSVPs in Handshake. We will not take cancellations by phone or email.

High-demand employer events (on-campus interviews, employers-in-residence) and other important career events may have more stringent RSVP and cancellation expectations which will be communicated in the event description and your RSVP confirmation email. 

Please note, if you register for an event hosted by another GW career center (i.e. GWSB, SEAS, CCS, etc.), you must comply with their policies. They may have the right to limit your Handshake access.

Please see our policies in more detail below:


Contact GSS

Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

1957 E Street NW, Suite 603

Washington, DC 20052

(202) 994-3788

[email protected]

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Enroll in our text messages by texting @esiagss to 81010.

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Text 81010 with any questions!