Global Gender Policy

The graduate certificate program in this functional specialty requires a minimum of 15 credit hours.

Students must complete a core course, Global Gender Policy (IAFF 6102), as well as Research Methods in Global Gender Issues (IAFF 6118). Two other supporting courses are also required.



IAFF 6102 Global Gender Policy

IAFF 6118 Special Topics in International Affairs

  • Research Methods in Global Gender Issues

IAFF 6138 Special Topics in International Development Studies

ANTH 6501 Gender and Sexuality

PHIL 6238 Feminist Ethics and Policy Implications

PSYC 8275 Women and Health

SOC 6271 Gender and Society

SOC 6273 The Sex Industry

WGSS 6230 Global Feminisms

Students may take ONE undergraduate class for graduate credit as a supporting course with permission from the program director, academic adviser, and instructor (who must agree to assign additional work at the graduate level):

IAFF 2190W Special Topics

IAFF 3183 Special Topics in Development Policy

Students may substitute other GW and consortium courses with the approval of the certificate adviser.