Faculty Directory
Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory


Our distinguished faculty comprises leading scholars and policy practitioners who bring an impressive range of expertise and experience to the study and practice of international affairs. Use this directory to search for an Elliott School faculty member.


Susan Ariel Aaronson

Research Professor; Director, Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub

Dr. Aaronson specializes in international trade, WTO, digital trade, data governance, anti-corruption, transparency, economic growth and human rights.

Diego Abente Brun

Professor of Practice of International Affairs; Director of the M.A. in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program

Dr. Abente Brun specializes in international relations of Latin America, governance, and comparative democratization.

Laura Adams

Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Adams specializes in the area of civil society and human rights in less democratic contexts.

Sean Aday

Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs

Dr. Aday specializes in political communication; media coverage of war, politics, and foreign policy; media effects and public opinion.

Anthony Adeleke

Professorial Lecturer

Anthony Adeleke is a seasoned professional with a diverse background and extensive experience in the realms of business intelligence, data visualization, etc.

Abiola Afolayan

Professorial Lecturer

Int'l lawyer, food security policy expert, thought leader, and advisor with a record of creating impactful strategies for the UN, Congress, NGOs, and academia.

Hugh L. Agnew

Professor of History and International Affairs

Dr. Agnew specializes in the history of Eastern Europe, the history of Czech Republic, and nationalism.

Attiya Ahmad

Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs

Dr. Ahmad specializes in gender studies, Muslim societies, globalization, diaspora studies, tourism studies, political economy and the Middle East & South Asia.

Javid Ahmad

Professorial Lecturer in International Affairs, Global Capstone


Ali Akkache


Ali Akkache specializes in North Africa and Francophonie, human rights, minorities, identity and French language.

Nathalie Al-Zyoud


Nathalie Al-Zyoud specializes in mediation, restorative justice, dialogue, and systems change.

Paul Albert


Paul has spent over 30 years helping large public organizations do more with their data.  

Sarah Aldrich


Sarah Aldrich is an analyst in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, covering all of sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Nigeria.

Catherine Allen

Professor Emerita of Anthropology and International Affairs

Dr. Allen specializes in symbolism, ritual, social organization, aesthetics, oral narrative and drama with a regional focus on Andean South America.

Basma Alloush


Basma Alloush specializes in researching humanitarian crises in MENA.

Paula Alonso

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Dr. Alonso specializes in Latin America, Argentina, political history, and cultural history.

Gary Anderson


Gary Anderson received his BS Degree in Aviation Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and an MA from Pepperdine University.

Nicholas Anderson

John O. Rankin Assistant Professor of International Affairs; Interim Director, MA International Affairs

Dr. Anderson specializes in great power politics, territorial conflict, alliances, military ops, nuclear weapons, cybersecurity, and East Asian int'l relations

Marcel S. Anduiza

Professorial Lecturer

Christie Arendt

Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Arendt specializes in gender, women's political participation, international development, democracy and human rights, civil society, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Celeste Arrington

Director, M.A. Asian Studies Program; Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Dr. Arrington specializes in comparative politics, North & South Korea, Japan, state-society relations, media & politics, and Northeast Asian security.

Dr. Hogai Aryoubi

Professorial Lecturer

Hogai Aryoubi is a researcher in peace and education.

Kuniko Ashizawa

Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Ashizawa specializes in Japan’s foreign, security & development aid policy, regional institution-building in Asia, U.S.-Japan relations, and governance.

Hossein G. Askari

Professor Emeritus of International Business and International Affairs

Dr. Askari specializes in Islamic economics and finance, economic development in the Middle East, and oil economics.