Sarah Aldrich

Professorial Lecturer of International Affairs
[email protected]

Sarah Aldrich is an Africa analyst in the State Department’s Office of Opinion Research, covering all of sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Nigeria. Since joining the State Department in 2014, she has led both quantitative and qualitative research projects on an array of topics ranging from politics and the economy to counterterrorism and public health (Ebola) initiatives in over 25 countries. In this position, she routinely briefs senior government leaders such as assistant secretaries and ambassadors. Sarah has also served as an international election observer for several elections in the region and lectures on public opinion at the Foreign Service Institute.

Before joining the State Department, Sarah spent five years working democracy and governance programs in West Africa and the Middle East for the International Republican Institute. During this time she worked with leading Nigerian hip hop artists on rock the vote concerts and music videos to encourage Nigerian youth to peacefully and actively participate in their political system.

Sarah has a Bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in International Relations from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Classes Taught

IAFF 3189 African Literature & Politics