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Where in the world will your talents, training, and contributions to our most pressing global issues take you? Graduates of the Elliott School of International Affairs are leading experts in business, security, diplomacy, public service, development, conflict resolution, public health, and other fields. 

We offer an array of interdisciplinary master’s degrees with many specializations, dual-degree and joint-degree options, as well as accelerated programs designed specifically for mid-career professionals. The Elliott School has deep roots and global recognition for excellence, scholarship, and prestige. You will be joining a school community of peers at the forefront of shaping the ever-changing international landscape. 

All of our master’s programs hold courses in the evenings, with the option to study full-time or part-time. Students in our accelerated Master of International Policy and Practice (MIPP) program also have a 100% online program option. Whichever program you choose, you will find we have maximized the flexibility of our degrees for your priorities, interests, and career goals.

Explore our programs below and let us send you more information about the programs that could be a fit for your interests and goals.


Our Master’s Degrees in International Affairs at a Glance


Asian Studies - photo of pagoda with blue overlay


Master of Arts in Asian Studies

Explore the major political, economic, and historical issues affecting Asian diplomacy, business, security, culture, and more. Focus your studies with thematic specializations, including Politics and Policy or Business and Development, and further refine your degree with one of eight professional specializations.

Learn more about M.A. Asian Studies




European and Eurasian Studies - photo of French Ambassador speaking at the Elliott School with blue overlay


Master of Arts in European and Eurasian Studies

Pursue a career in business, diplomacy, security, public service, conflict resolution, public health, development, and related fields with this program’s interdisciplinary approach to understanding the functional principles operating in Europe, Russia, and Eurasia.

Learn more about M.A. European and Eurasian Studies




Global Communications - students speak in a conference room with blue overlay


Master of Arts in Global Communication

This master’s program has a dual emphasis on international affairs as well as communication and journalism. Pursue or advance your career in public, private, or non-profit sectors as you gain the skills to connect with audiences around the world.

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International affairs - photo of Elliott Event "International Women of Courage" with blue overlay


Master of Arts in International Affairs

Become a seasoned leader in the global issues that matter the most. This master’s program offers both a broad foundation for understanding pressing economic, social, political, and cultural issues, as well as at least one specialized area of knowledge expertise.

Learn more about M.A. International Affairs




International Development Studies - photo of the Director of the IDS program speaking at an event with blue overlay


Master of Arts in International Development Studies

Global development challenges for some of our most vulnerable populations are highly complex and this master’s program will equip you to engage with other leading innovators. The curriculum leverages a combination of field-based research, studies in cultural contexts and ethics, and innovative practices to develop your marketable skills and experience.

Learn more about M.A. International Development Studies




International Economic Policy - photo of investment report with blue overlay


Master of Arts in International Economic Policy

Get the hard skills that will give you an advantage in the competitive fields of international business, development economics, international economics, and more with this master’s program designed for working professionals and students pursuing internships in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about M.A. International Economic Policy (MIEP)




International Science and Technology Policy - photo of nuclear plant with blue overlay


Master of Arts in International Science and Technology Policy

More than ever before, innovation and advances in science and technology have a global impact. The policies that govern these fields are drafted and revised by a handful of leaders, but they affect billions of individual lives. This master’s program will give you the skills, experience, and access to begin making your contribution at the forefront of these fields.

Learn more about M.A. International Science and Technology Policy




Latin American and Hemispheric Studies - arial photo of Mexico City with blue overlay


Master of Arts in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies

Cultivate a broad and deep understanding of the political, economic, historical, and cultural issues in contemporary Latin America with a master’s degree that will support a variety of career paths. Our graduates are leaders who succeed in government, the private sector, multinational and non-governmental organizations, and post-graduate academic work.

Learn more about M.A. Latin American and Hemispheric Studies




Middle East Studies - photo displaying middle eastern architecture style with blue overlay


Master of Arts in Middle East Studies

Renowned scholarship and critical policy research anchor this master’s program which produces leaders in business, security, diplomacy and public service, public health, conflict resolution, and related fields in the region. The interdisciplinary structure of this program will give you multiple perspectives on critical issues and accommodate a special academic focus or personal interest in your studies.

Learn more about M.A. Middle East Studies




Security Policy Studies - photo of military helicopter with blue overlay


Master of Arts in Security Policy Studies

How to respond to our most pressing 21st-century international security issues is at the heart of this policy-focused master’s program. You will explore challenges and ways to address threats from terrorism and criminal networks, weapons proliferation, cyber threats, climate change, health pandemics, and more as you develop specialized knowledge to help you advance in your career.

Learn more about M.A. Security Policy Studies




International Policy and Practice - photo of graduate students smiling with view of the US Capitol in the background with blue overlay


Master of International Policy and Practice

Designed for mid-career professionals, this 27-hour, accelerated master’s program focuses on cultivating your skills for data analysis, strategic design, and leadership. The program can be completed online or on-campus, and there are short-term study abroad opportunities to enhance the practical real-world application design of this program’s curriculum.

Learn more about MIPP




International Studies - photo of globe with blue overlay


Master of International Studies

This master’s program recruits participants exclusively from alumni of Elliott School international partner institutions. It offers a unique and prestigious opportunity for studying the key theories and practical applications of today’s most salient economic, social, political, and cultural issues in the global arena. The program brings together scholars of established excellence in a spirit of international collaboration at the center of U.S. policy and governance decision making in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about International Studies (MIS)




Joint and Dual Degree Programs - photo of GW outdoor plaza with blue overlay


Joint and Dual Degree Programs

The Elliott School of International Affairs offers three Joint-Degree programs: a Master of Arts and a Juris Doctor in cooperation with the Law School, a Master of Arts and a Master of Business Administration in cooperation with the School of Business, and a Master of Arts and a Master of Public Health in cooperation with the Milken Institute School of Public Health.

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Students interested in doctoral studies in international relations are encouraged to apply to a PhD program through the GW Department of Political Science.


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