Career Development
Career Development

Career Development


The Career Center’s mission is to support students and alumni in developing lifelong career management skills that result in rewarding and fulfilling careers.  For employers, we offer a variety of ways for you to recruit and connect with students and alumni on campus, at your organization’s office, or virtually.

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Whether employers are interested in hosting a site visit, leading an on-campus information session, or looking to hire Elliott School students, GSS is here to help connect employers with the best and brightest minds.

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From the outset of their education Elliott School's Graduate Student Services helps Graduate students realize their aspirations by connecting them to meaningful career opportunities, providing access to career coaching, and many other programs, services, and opportunities. 

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GW's Career Center offers career coaching, self-assessment, online resume and cover letter development, and assistance with networking and interviewing to help students and alumni discover their talents and interests, decide on an academic major, explore industries and career options and create an effective job search strategy.