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GW-Stanford Study Recommends
Nuclear Waste Program “Reset”

U.S. must start from scratch with a new nuclear waste management and disposal strategy, a Stanford-led panel and recommends that the United States “reset” its nuclear waste program by moving responsibility for commercially generated, used nuclear fuel away from the federal government and into the hands of an independent, not-for-profit, utility-owned and funded nuclear waste management organization.

The three-year study led by Rod Ewing in the Center for International Security and Cooperation has made a series of recommendations focused on the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Their report, Reset of America’s Nuclear Waste Management Strategy and Policy, is here.

photo: Robert M. Franklin and Marcus King

Martin Luther King Jr.: A Voice and Force in International Affairs

A recent Elliott School forum highlighted the participation and influence of Martin Luther King Jr. in the global community. Robert M. Franklin, Council of Foreign Relations member, and Marcus King, director of GW's international affairs master’s program, spoke about King's international influence.



Jillian Dipersio

Jillian Dipersio

BA Candidate, International Affairs

"My research has focused on the social effects of desertification and drought. Through conversations with local professors, livestock famers, and government officials my hope is to propose policy solutions to desertification in the Sahel, a region in Africa."

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