Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Statement

The United States of America is projected to be a “majority-minority” country by the year 2050 or sooner. Diversity and social mobility are among our country’s greatest assets in engaging the rest of the world. It is imperative, therefore, that international affairs institutions of the United States reflect the diversity of America. The Elliott School of International Affairs is committed to reflecting this diversity. 

Diversity and inclusion remain an important priority for GW and the Elliott School. As the University has taken important steps to create a more inclusive community, the Elliott School has also taken crucial actions towards this goal.

ESIA Council on Diversity and Inclusion

    •  Taylor Amos, Faculty Affairs, and Graduate Student Representative 
    •  Nicole Campbell, Graduate Admissions
    •  Sarah Denes, Graduate Student Services
    •  Tina Gaddy, Graduate Student Services
    •  Robyn Jones, Human Resources
    •  Nina Kelsey, Faculty
    •  Mark Langevin, Faculty
    •  Elizabeth Lusk, Graduate Student Services
    •  Tova Norlen, Research
    •  Sean Roberts, Faculty
    •  Sharon Wolchik, Faculty
    •  Jonathan Walker, ex officio