Graduate Academics

Our graduate programs combine rigorous coursework and professional training to provide students the knowledge and perspectives needed to make a difference in the world. Students in our programs gain expertise in world regions and important contemporary issues — ranging from war to rising levels of resource consumption to the expansion of the global economy to mounting environmental challenges — that will shape the decades ahead.

As a result, the Elliott School prepares graduate students each year for meaningful international affairs careers. 


"The world needs motivated, educated, and intelligent leaders in order to make big changes. As an Elliott graduate student, I'm constantly presented with new challenges and opportunities-- the key is to not shy away from these challenges and instead take them head on."

Rebecca Asch

Middle East Studies MA


Master's Degree Program


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"My aspiration is to serve as a counterterrorism intelligence analyst for the United States. As a student of security policy at the Elliott School, my peers, professors, and mentors all inspire me daily to broaden my knowledge and apply my skills to improving U.S. security policy in the future."

Aleyson Huesgen

Security Policy Studies MA