Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for Studies

Freeman Foundation Grant

For Graduate Students only.

GSS manages the Freeman Foundation Grant for internships in East or Southeast Asia. 

This grant awards up to $6,550 to a student completing an unpaid or low-paying internship in multiple countries.

Learn more about the Freeman Foundation Grant here or contact Graduate Student Services at [email protected].

International Internship Grant

For Graduate Students only.

The Elliott School strongly encourages students to integrate their studies with practical international internship experiences. To help with this goal, GSS offers a limited number of competitive grants for Elliott School graduate students participating in unpaid or low-pay international internships. Currently enrolled Elliott School graduate students may seek an International Internship Grant via the online application

This grant awards up to $3,000 and is designed to help defray the costs of an international internship, not to fully fund the experience. Students are encouraged to research outside funding sources before submitting a grant proposal.

Learn more about the International Internship Grant here or contact Graduate Student Services at [email protected].

Student Support Award

For undergraduate and graduate students.

Elliott undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for financial support for advancing the mission of the school and helping students attain their personal, academic, and career goals. Proposed activities include but are not limited to conference, language acquisition, research and unpaid internship support. Requests for tuition and fee assistance will not be considered.


  • Must be currently enrolled as a full or part-time student.
  • The proposed activity must occur in the spring 2022 or summer 2022 semesters.
  • The proposed activity must already be confirmed and you must provide supporting documentation of your participation. (For example: offer letters for unpaid internship or conference proposal acceptances).
  • Average award amount $300-$500. However, award amounts may vary based on type of request, budget submitted, and volume of applications.
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Students must disclose if they are receiving funding from other University and/or external sources.
  • If applying for virtual international internship, the Office of Graduate Student Services (GSS) requires additional documentation. Consult the office directly.
  • Students must adhere to the Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy.
  • Students must adhere to the Student Travel Grants & Reimbursements Guidance.
  • Elliott School Dean’s Scholars are encouraged to apply for funding through the Undergraduate Research Award.

Application Instructions 

The Student Support Award application is available now and the priority deadline is Friday, March 11, 2022. Your application must include:

  1. A narrative proposal addressing the following:
    1. purpose of the activity/request
    2. how the activity supports the student’s personal, academic and/or career goals.
  2. An itemized budget including any other supplemental funding the student is receiving and/or anticipating.


The review committee will review applications by the priority deadline. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible due to limited funding. Awarding will cease once funds are exhausted.


Questions about the application process? Contact Jonathan Walker at [email protected].

Apply for the Elliott School Student Support Award


Undergraduate Research Award

For Undergraduate Students only.

To qualify for this award, applicants must be supervised by a full-time faculty member, and register for one of the following courses: IAFF 3198 Independent Study and Research; IAFF 4191 Senior Seminar; IAFF 4199 Senior Thesis, or an Elliott School Undergraduate Scholars course. This awards up to $1,500 towards research.

Applicants must complete this online application and attach a signed faculty advisor form.

Contact Jonathan Walker at [email protected] for more information.


  • October 18 for Fall semester
  • February 15 for Spring semester
Videtto Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Graduate Students studying at Waseda University during the Spring or Fall Semester only.

This endowment fund was established in 2014 by Daniel and Mary Videtto. This fund provides an annual scholarship to a graduate student in the Elliott School of International Affairs who studies abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

Applicants must apply through GW Passport, and meet all eligible study abroad guidelines outlined here.

Contact Graduate Student Services at [email protected] for more information.