Marlene Laruelle Wins the 2019 Michael E. Brown Research Prize

Marlene Laruelle
Dr. Marlene Laruelle, Research Professor of International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs
March 06, 2019

The Elliott School of International Affairs is proud to announce Research Professor of International Affairs Marlene Laruelle as the winner of the 2019 Michael E. Brown Research Prize. Established in 2015 and awarded by the Elliott School faculty, this annual prize recognizes a faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution to the scholarly and policy relevant understanding of one or more important international issues.

In 2018 alone, Professor Laruelle published six volumes while also serving as Research Professor of International Affairs, Director of the Central Asia Program, Co-director of PONARS Eurasia, and Associate Director of the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (IERES). Her colleagues spare no praise in describing her accomplishments. She is, according to IERES Director Peter Rollberg, "a researcher of enormous productivity and versatility, an internationally recognized expert in fields as diverse as Russian nationalism, Central Asia, and the Arctic; moreover, she is known as a wonderful colleague who generously shares her resources with researchers from around the world, as well as undergraduate and graduate students."

Colleagues Hope Harrison and Henry Hale echo this praise noting, "Marlene Laruelle's prolific, interdisciplinary and influential scholarship on nationalism, culture, politics, and history in Eurasia has won her acclaim from scholars, policymakers, and funders." She is, in short, a scholar, a leader, and a most deserving recipient of the Michael E. Brown Research Prize. Congratulations Professor Laruelle!