Marlene Laruelle

Photo: A headshot of Marlene Laruelle smiling in front of a white background
Director, Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies; Director, Central Asia Program; Co-Director, PONARS-Eurasia; Research Professor of International Affairs
Suite 412 Elliott School of International Affairs
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Political culture, Nationalism, Migrations—Russia and Central Asia

Curriculum Vitae

Marlene Laruelle works on political, social and cultural changes in the post-Soviet space. She explores the transformations of nationalist and conservative ideologies in Russia, nationhood construction in Central Asia, as well as the development of Russia’s Arctic regions. She has been the Principal Investigator of several grants on Russian nationalism, on Russia’s strategies in the Arctic, and on Central Asia’s domestic and foreign policies from the US State Department, the Defense Department, the National Science Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Henry Luce Foundation, etc.



2018 — Russian Nationalism. Imaginaries, Doctrines and Political Battlefields, London: Routledge.

2018 — Understanding Russia. The Challenges of Transformation, Lanham, Boulder, New York: Rowman & Littlefield, co-authored with Jean Radvanyi.

2014 — Russia’s Arctic Strategies and the Future of the Far North, New York: M.E. Sharpe.

2013 — Globalizing Central Asia. Geopolitics and the Challenges of Economic Development New York: M.E. Sharpe, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse.

2012 — The ‘Chinese Question’ in Central Asia. Domestic Order, Social Changes and the Chinese Factor London, New York: Oxford University Press, and Hurst, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse.

2009 — In the Name of the Nation. Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia New York: Palgrave/MacMillan.

2008 — Russian Eurasianism. An Ideology of Empire, Washington D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Press/Johns Hopkins University Press, paperback 2011.

Edited volumes

2018 — Entangled Far Rights. A Russian-European Intellectual Romance in the 20th century, Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press.

2018 — Tajikistan on the Move. Statebuilding and Societal Transformations. Lanham, MD: Lexington.

2018 — Mass Media in the Post-Soviet World. Market Forces, State Actors, and Political Manipulation in the Informational Environment after Communism. Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, with Peter Rollberg.

2018 — Being Muslim in Central Asia: Practices, Politics, and Identities. London and Leiden: Brill.

Journal Articles

2017 — “Biography of a polar city: population flows and urban identity in Norilsk,” Polar Geography 40, no 4: 306-323.

2017 — “Is Nationalism a Force for Change in Russia?” Daedelus (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 146, no. 2 (2017): 89-100.

2016 —  “The Izborsky Club, or the New Conservative Avant-Garde in Russia,” The Russian Review 75, no. 4: 626-644.

2016 — “Why No Kazakh Novorossiya? Kazakhstan’s Russian Minority in a Post-Crimea World,” Problems of Post-Communism

2015 — “The Iuzhinsky Circle: Far-Right Metaphysics in the Soviet Underground and Its Legacy Today,” The Russian Review 75, no. 4: 563–580.

2015 — “The US Silk Road: geopolitical imaginary or the repackaging of strategic interests?” Eurasian Geography and Economics 56, no. 4: 360-375.