Student Responsibilities

While your advisor, professors, and mentors have specific and significant roles in your education at GW, you — the student — have an equally significant role with specific responsibilities. Academic advising is a two-way street and you must be proactive in your relationship with your academic advisor. In the advising relationship, you are responsible for:

Knowing your degree requirements. Elliott School degree requirements are available online. It is your responsibility to check the website regularly for updates.

Keeping track of your degree progress. You are expected to maintain and regularly update your own advising file and academic checklist.

Making informed decisions. Your decisions should be based on your own interests and goals, the Elliott School curriculum, and University policies and procedures.

Taking action. It is up to you to follow-up on any academic or financial action you have requested.

Planning ahead. You should always anticipate your short-term and long-term needs and work with your advisor early and often to prepare for and meet those needs.

Scheduling an appointment with your advisor. Whether required or desired, you must schedule your own advising appointments.

Communicating with your professors. Whether you are sick, struggling academically, expecting to miss class for religious reasons, or seeking career advice from a professor in the field, you must initiate communication with your professors. You can speak with them after class, make use of their office hours, or communicate by email.

Adding/Dropping courses. You must register for your own classes each semester. Accordingly, you must drop or withdraw from any class you do not attend by the appropriate deadline. Simply telling the professor you are dropping the class does not initiate a class drop in the registration system.

Checking your GW Mail. Email is our primary means of communicating with you. You are responsible for reading emails from any University office, faculty, or staff member, and responding in a timely manner.

Knowing and following policies, regulations and procedures. The University Bulletin is updated each academic year. You must review all regulations and policies each year as they are subject to change.

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Commencement 2018

The Elliott School Graduation Celebration will be held in the Charles E. Smith Center at 11:30 AM, Friday, May 18, 2018.


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