Required Course:

IAFF 6358 Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies: Security in the Americas

Supporting Courses:

IAFF 6138 Special Topics in International Development Studies
  • Global Food Security
  • Human Trafficking
  • Violence, Gender, and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Care for Children in Complex Emergencies
IAFF 6163 Transnational Security
IAFF 6186 Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
  • International Organized Crime
  • Energy Security 
  • International Peacekeeping
  • Conflict Early Warning and Prevention
  • Environmental Security
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Iilicit Finance and Security
  • Strategic Planning for the 21st Century
  • Military Power and Effectiveness
IAFF 6358 Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies
  • History and Praxis of US-Mexico Relations
  • Immigration and Weak States: The Central American Case
PSC 6484 International Relations of Latin America

Brazil's Global Moment

Ambassador Mauro Vieira details the latest in the Brazil-U.S. relations and rising prominence of Brazil on the world stage.

LAHS Program Brochure

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