Field advisor: please consult program director

Required Course:

ANTH 6702 Anthropology of Latin America
– OR –
another 6000-level anthropology course approved by your advisor

Supporting Courses:

ANTH 3812 Aztecs in Mexico

ANTH 3812 Ethnohistory

ANTH 3814 Archeology of Middle and South America

ANTH 3814 Ancient Mexican Civilizations

ANTH 6835 Meso-American Field Program

ANTH 6301 Anthropology of Development

ANTH 6391 Displacement and Diaspora

ANTH 6803 Advanced Archaeology - New World Prehistory

IAFF 6138 Special Topics in International Development Studies

  • Indigenous People and Development

IAFF 6358 Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies

Brazil's Global Moment

Ambassador Mauro Vieira details the latest in the Brazil-U.S. relations and rising prominence of Brazil on the world stage.

LAHS Program Brochure

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