Developments in Russian Politics 9: Henry Hale Publishes Edited Volume

Henry Hale headshot and book cover of Developments in Russian Politics
Professor Henry Hale, Developments in Russian Politics 9
May 20, 2019

Russian actions, Russian intentions, Russian policies: the Kremlin dominates global news cycles in a manner not seen since the Cold War. In this context, Elliott School Professor Henry Hale and his co-editors Richard Sakwa and Stephen White bring us an essential publication: Developments in Russian Politics 9. Featuring chapters from international Russia experts, this edited volume tackles a wide range of critical issues that are essential to understanding contemporary Russian domestic and foreign politics. Authoring a chapter of his own, Professor Hale trains his analysis on the evolution of Russia's political system. Elliott School Research Professor Marlene Laurelle also contributes to the publication, authoring a nuanced examination of national identity. Developments additionally investigates Russia's economic and social policy, the state of Russian federalism, protest and the rule of law, the military, and much more. Offering a comprehensive account of Russia's most recent developments, all chapters are new or extensively rewritten. The book is an indispensable volume for anyone looking to better understand the evolving nature of Russian politics in an ever-shifting international order.