Security Policy Studies M.A. Program

Photo: David Malet
David Malet, Program Director

Security Policy Studies (SPS) is a policy-oriented master's degree program focusing on international security issues, with a particular emphasis on the security challenges for the 21st century and how to respond to them. These include emergent issues such as transnational actors such as terrorists and organized criminal networks, human security problems stemming from fragile states, and instability from technological developments including weapons proliferation and climate change. Familiar challenges like regional conflicts and major power rivalry also require fresh strategic insights to remain ahead of changing threat curves. The SPS curriculum provides strong grounding in the national security policy-making process, and our graduates build specialized knowledge that gives them an advantage in career development. 

The curriculum provides strong grounding in the national security and defense policy-making process. Students choose two specific concentrations — which can range from transnational security issues to conflict resolution to defense analysis. Students also have the option of emphasizing a particular region, such as East Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America, by selecting a regional field as one of their two concentrations.

The program's faculty includes internationally recognized authorities in international security, defense policy, foreign policy, the national security policy process, and regional and transnational security issues. Through its academic and professional skills development courses this program can open doors to future employment in the security policy institutions of the federal government, in the private sector, in international organizations such as NATO, and in the many think tanks and non-profit institutions engaged in security policy work.

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