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If you are looking for a vibrant academic community — one with a global perspective and a commitment to the public good — then look no further than Washington, DC, and GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

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Latin American and Hemispheric Studies M.A. Program

photo: Bob Maguire
Bob Maguire, Program Director
Preparing a Next Generation of Leaders, Advocates, and Activists

The proximity, shared history, and increasingly intertwined demography of Latin America and the Caribbean makes them key regions for the United States. Yet, despite impressive democratization and economic growth within these regions in recent decades, serious problems — poverty, inequality, ethnic cleavage, crime, political violence, and illicit drug flows — persist. Changing climates, shifting regional alliances, populist trends, and competition over resources present evolving challenges to citizens and their leaders throughout the hemisphere, including Canada. Future hemispheric leaders will grapple with an often contradictory blend of political and economic successes and failures. To develop innovative approaches to the enduring problems and emerging challenges of the hemisphere, tomorrow's leaders, advocates and activists need a broad and deep knowledge of context and place. With this in mind, the Master of Arts in Latin America and Hemispheric Studies (LAHS) offers students an interdisciplinary program based on sound theory and practice.

The program's faculty members are internationally recognized authorities. Outstanding part-time professors are drawn primarily from the Washington D.C. policy community, and provide insiders' perspectives on key institutions and policies. The program coordinates a dynamic series of events that bring leading policymakers from Washington and all over the world to engage with our students and faculty on issues facing the hemisphere.

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LAHS Program Brochure

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