The multidisciplinary 40-credit M.A. program in International Affairs includes:

Core field (9-12 credits)

A core field, taken in the first year, that provides students with a fundamental understanding of key political, economic, and historic issues in international affairs.

Major field (12 credits)

A major field with a global issues or regional focus. Possible major fields include:

Global Issues:

Regional Fields:

NOTE: The major fields are currently under revision, additional supporting courses not listed can be substituted with approval of the Program Director. 

Electives (9-12 credits)

Electives, which may include up to 6 credits of foreign language study, a second field of expertise, or other relevant course work.

M.A. IA students are strongly encouraged to take IAFF 6501 Quantitative Analysis for IA Professionals (or it's equivalent) as one of their electives.

With Program Director approval, graduate students can apply a maximum of 6 credits of language courses toward the electives.  In consultation with the student, the Program Director will determine which level language course and how many credits of language are appropriate for the student’s Plan of Study.

Skills courses (3 credits)

Skills-based professional workshops (1 credit each) designed to supplement substantive graduate course work with practical skills and knowledge that students will need to perform effectively in the workplace.

Capstone sequence (4 credits)

Students will enroll in a capstone course sequence that most closely matches the functional area of their project. The capstone courses will be led by a faculty member with broad knowledge and experience in the functional area, and each course is likely to have four to five student groups. The course will meet regularly, and students will receive active guidance from the instructor as well as peer critiques and suggestions from fellow students.

In addition to the Capstone, an optional 6-credit thesis option is available for students seeking to enhance professional research and writing skills. Three credits of electives may be used to pursue a thesis. To propose a thesis, a student must have a GPA of a least a 3.5 after completing 20 credit hours in the M.A. program. The thesis subject must be approved in advance by a faculty member who has agreed to direct the thesis, a second faculty member who will servce as an additional reader, and the Program Director. Thesis requirements are outlined in full in the Graduate Bulletin. Students must take an additional professional skills course (total of 4 skills courses) to complete their degree through this option.

Foreign Language Proficiency

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a modern foreign language. The ability to communicate across cultures in more than one language is both a distinguishing and expected skill of the international affairs professional. Therefore, completion of the M.A. in International Affairs requires a demonstrated oral and reading proficiency in a modern foreign language.