Henry Hertzfeld wins contract from the World Intellectual Property Organization

April 21, 2021

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Professor Henry Hertzfield, Research Professor of Space Policy and International Affairs and Director of the Space Policy Institute, has been awarded a contract with the World Intellectual Property Organization to conduct a case study exploring the history and future of innovation in the space industry.

His study, “The Changing Direction of Innovation in the Space Industry”, will utilize his expertise in space policy and economics to highlight the history of key innovations that have contributed to progress in space exploration while analyzing the forces that have shaped them since the early “space race” days. By exploring shifts in public and private sector space activities, the study will provide an in-depth look into the intensifying need for innovation in space. Professor Hertzfield will analyze changes in innovation by making use of academic literature and publicly-available data to construct an extensive look into the past of various technological innovations, while looking into the future of key policy measures that are bound to shape the direction of innovation in space exploration.