Harris Mylonas compiles articles on Kazakh politics, society, culture, and national identity

January 15, 2022

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Photo credit: Alexander Serzhantov via Unsplash

In his latest entry in Nationalities Papers, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Harris Mylonas compiled a selection of recently published articles on Kazakhstan’s politics, society, culture, and national identity with a goal of helping readers appreciate the past while interpreting the present.

By bringing together a collection of articles, Mylonas offers an introduction to the complex variables that have shaped Kazakhstan’s path following the fall of the Soviet Union. From the protests in Aktobe in 2016 to the growing fears of Russian intervention following the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Mylonas’ choice of articles offers a multi lensed insight into the blend of society, culture, and politics that have impacted the many corners of Kazakh life. By providing background information of the nation’s domestic characteristics, the various periods of social unrest in the country’s history, and the geopolitics of the Central Asian region, readers will have a chance to understand what shaped Kazakhstan into its present-day self as 2022 begins with rapidly developing events and uncertain outcomes.