William H. Becker

Professor Emeritus of History and International Affairs

Emeriti Faculty


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Professor Becker has written on business history, business-government relations, and the institutions of the international economy. His books include The Dynamics of Business Government Relations: Industry and Exports, 1893-1921 (1982); Economics and World Power: An Assessment of American Diplomacy Since 1789 (co-editor, 1984); Bankers with a Mission: The Presidents of the World Bank, 1946-91 (co-author, 1996); Voice of the Marketplace: A History of the National Petroleum Council (co-author, 2002); and The Market, the State, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States, 1934-2000 (co-author, 2003). He was also the general editor of The Encyclopedia of Business History and Biography (9 vols., 1986-1991). Professor Becker is currently writing Shaping Corporate America: Big Business and the Twentieth Century Experience. His media appearances have included National Public Radio, the Voice of America, and the International Herald Tribune Television.

History of business, business-government relations, and international economy

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

HIST 6322 American Business History

HIST 6001 History of the International Economic System