William H. Becker

Professor Emeritus of History and International Affairs
331 Phillips Hall
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

History of business, business-government relations, and international economy

Professor Becker has written on business history, business-government relations, and the institutions of the international economy. His books include The Dynamics of Business Government Relations: Industry and Exports, 1893-1921 (1982); Economics and World Power: An Assessment of American Diplomacy Since 1789 (co-editor, 1984); Bankers with a Mission: The Presidents of the World Bank, 1946-91 (co-author, 1996); Voice of the Marketplace: A History of the National Petroleum Council (co-author, 2002); and The Market, the State, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States, 1934-2000 (co-author, 2003). He was also the general editor of The Encyclopedia of Business History and Biography (9 vols., 1986-1991). Professor Becker is currently writing Shaping Corporate America: Big Business and the Twentieth Century Experience. His media appearances have included National Public Radio, the Voice of America, and the International Herald Tribune Television.


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Classes Taught

HIST 6322 American Business History

HIST 6001 History of the International Economic System