The Washington Quarterly Summer Issue has Arrived!

The Washington Quarterly
August 23, 2019

Make the most of your beach reading and stay up to date with the latest in global security affairs. Hosted by the Elliott School of International Affairs, The Washington Quarterly features scholarly articles with disparate perspectives on issues concerning strategic change, public policy, and international relations. In this issue, article authors include: Brad Roberts, Representative (R-WI) Mike Gallagher, Mark S. Bell, Julia Macdonald, Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, and Elliott School Visiting Scholar Emmanuel Dreyfus, among others. These contributors tackle tough questions about nuclear crises, the Donbass, deterrence, China, alliance management, Kashmir, and more. Read select articles, including Dreyfus and Vilmer’s “A People Oriented Peace Formula for the Donbass,” at the The Washington Quarterly or subscribe online at Taylor & Francis.