US Congress’ Role in Countering the China Challenge 

October 11, 2023

Landscape view of US Capitol building

In his September 2023 article, "US Congress' Role in Countering the China Challenge," Elliott School Professor of Practice Robert Sutter spotlights Congressional influence in US policy toward China. Few are better positioned to analyze the subject. Dr. Sutter has held high-ranking roles in the Congressional Research Service, the US Government’s National Intelligence Council, the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He's also the author of 22 books and over 300 articles examining East Asian and Pacific countries and their relations with the United States. Dr. Sutter notes that, "Lawmakers set a pattern followed up to now of working closely with like-minded leaders in the Trump government and later the Biden administration to defend the United States from the multifaceted challenges emanating from Beijing." For Sutter, "Both the Biden administration and Congress deserve credit for handling this initial stage of acute rivalry with China." For more, read the complete article in The Diplomat.