Undergraduate International Affairs Courses

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Undergraduate Course Descriptions by Semester

Undergraduate Course Numbers

IAFF 1005 Introduction to International Affairs
Open only to first-year students in the Elliott School. An introduction to the study of international affairs, while integrating material designed to orient students to the Elliott School, the University, and the city of Washington. Credit may not be earned for both IAFF 1005 and PSC 1003.

IAFF 2040 Basic Topics in International Affairs (Topics Vary)

IAFF 2090 Latin America: Problems and Promise
An interdisciplinary course in Latin American studies designed to introduce undergraduates to the diverse, rich, and complex history, politics, economy, culture, and society of Latin America.

IAFF 2091 East Asia – Past and Present
An interdisciplinary course offering a comprehensive and integrated introduction to the civilization and present problems of East Asia.

IAFF 2093 Africa: Problems and Prospects
African Problems and Prospects is designed to provide a broad understanding of the situation in contemporary Africa. It focuses on topics and issues rather than countries and regions. It covers Africa's geography, history, government, economy and issues such as health, education, conflict, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, refugees, human rights, and religion. The course emphasizes the present and looks to the future. It also encourages discussion of current events in Africa.

IAFF 2094 Europe: the EU and its Member States
A multidisciplinary view of contemporary Europe, including the E.U. states, other states of Eastern Europe, and Turkey. The widening processes of political, judicial, economic, cultural, and security integration. Prerequisites: IAFF 1005 and PSC 1001.

IAFF 2190 Special Topics in International Affairs (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3180 Special Topics in Security Policy (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3181 Special Topics in Conflict Resolution (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3182 Special Topics in Foreign Policy (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3183 Special Topics in Development Policy (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3186 Special Topics in Asian Studies (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3187 Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3188 Special Topics in Middle East Studies (Topics Vary)

IAFF 3189 Special Topics in African Studies (Topics Vary) 

IAFF 3190 Special Topics in International Affairs (Topics Vary)

IAFF 4191W Senior Seminar (Topics Vary)