Sharon Squassoni publishes volume on nuclear negotiations

Learning from Each Other article cover
March 13, 2021


Learning from Each Other article cover

Learning from Each Other: How

Iran and North Korea Approach

Nuclear Negotiations

In Learning From Each Other: How Iran and North Korea Approach Nuclear Negotiations, Research Professor of the Practice of International Affairs Sharon Squassoni provides a look into the debate revolving policy making through the lens of both Iran and North Korea.

Within a set of essays, Squassoni seeks to provide insight into a variety of questions: Do North Korea and Iran compare and contrast their relations with the United States? How do they view their ability to negotiate positive outcomes with the U.S.? Is there evidence of analysis in North Korean state-run media of Iran’s experience negotiating with the U.S., the EU-three, Russia, China, and the IAEA? And conversely, is there evidence in Iranian media for analysis of North Korea’s negotiations with the U.S., Russia, China, South Korea and Japan? The collection seeks to assess the lessons both states may have learned over time through interactions with the U.S.. The hope of this collection is that future U.S. policies can be crafted with more sensitivity to how they are perceived by countries beyond those targeted in the negotiations at hand. 

The essay collection is part of a broader project funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, under the Nuclear Boundaries Initiative