Sarah McCue

Sarah McCue

Sarah McCue

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A well-known advocate for the innovative use of internet-based technologies in developing countries, Dr. Sarah McCue is author of several technical books and social entrepreneur.

She is founder of BluWorld, launched in collaboration with Google and Cisco Foundation to provide social impact opportunities to youth in developing countries; co-founder of The Remembering Site, a memoir-writing platform to write and preserve the stories of our elders; and is launched an online mentoring initiative, initially funded by the Elon Musk Foundation.

She has served the United Nations as manager of the United Nations Development Program Information and Communications Technology for Development practice; Panel of Advisers to the United Nations Global Alliance for Technology and Development; World Bank senior partnership adviser for the technology industry; senior adviser to the United Nations International Trade Centre as well as consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and World Bank.

She served as President of WorldQuant University, a worldwide accredited master's degree program in quantitative financial analytics and is a pro bono adviser to many emerging firms and organizations to bring innovative and transformative technology and online education opportunities to underserved regions.

An innovator and change agent at heart, she is team member recipient of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's 2014 Robert H. Goddard Honor Award for Quality and Process Improvement and 2015 NASA Group Achievement Award.