Research Professor Albert H. Teich Honored with AAAS Lifetime Membership

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July 01, 2019



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In 2019, Elliott School Research Professor Albert H. Teich celebrated his 50th anniversary as a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). To mark the occasion, AAAS awarded Professor Teich the elite honor of lifetime membership in the Association. Few scholars achieve this prestigious commendation and few are more deserving of the accolade. Prior to joining the Elliott School, Dr. Teich served 32 distinguished years with AAAS; for two decades, he directed the Association’s Science & Policy Programs and, in 2011, he finished his AAAS career as Senior Policy Adviser. As a Research Professor of International Affairs, Dr. Teich continues his science policy research at his Elliott School home: the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy. A renowned expert in his field, Teich has authored and edited numerous articles and texts. His 2018 publication, In Search of Evidence-based Science Policy: From the Endless Frontier to SciSIP, broke new ground in its field and offered the first delineation of how US science policy evolved, particularly within the university-National Science Foundation research ecosystem. Teich’s cross-disciplinary expertise in physics and political science and his extensive policy experience lend his analyses unique perspective in a world where science and technology increasingly define daily life. Congratulations to Dr. Teich for his lifetime AAAS election and the lifetime of achievement it signifies.