Remi Jedwab

photo: Remi Jedwab
Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Room 310 Monroe Hall
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Development Economics, Regional and Urban Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy, and Sub-Saharan Africa

Rémi Jedwab is an associate professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Elliott School and the Department of Economics of George Washington University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the Paris School of Economics. He was also a visiting Ph.D. student at the London School of Economics for three years. Professor Jedwab's main fields of research are development and growth, urban economics, public economics and political economy. Some of the issues he has studied include urbanization and structural transformation, the relationship between population growth and economic growth, the economic effects of transportation infrastructure, and the roles of institutions, human capital and technology in development. His research has been published in the American Economic Review, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Economic Journal, the Journal of Economic Growth and the Journal of Urban Economics. Recently, Professor Jedwab’s research areas have included the phenomenon of urbanization without economic growth, and his research has been highlighted by The Atlantic's CityLab and the Boston Globe.



Ph.D., Paris School of Economics-EHESS

Classes Taught

ECON 6250 Survey of Economic Development

ECON 8351 Development Economics I