Professor Hugh Gusterson Featured in Current Anthropology

Hugh Gusterson
February 19, 2019


Hugh Gusterson

Dr. Hugh Gusterson

Professor of Anthropology &

International Affairs

Elliott School of International Affairs

With his February 2019 Current Anthropology article, "Drone Warfare in Waziristan and the New Military Humanism," award-winning author and Elliott School Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs Hugh Gusterson brings his extensive expertise to the question of military use of drones. In the best traditions of anthropological analysis, Gusterson's article attempts to unpack the inescapable contradiction between "drone essentialism" and observed processes of "ethical slippage." This is not the first time Gusterson has broached this difficult topic. His 2016 book, Drone Warfare, which examined how drones have redefined the modern battlefield space, won the 2017 Roy C. Palmer Civil Liberties Prize. This annual prize honors a work of scholarship that explores the tension between civil liberties and national security in contemporary society. For more of Gusterson's work, please see his monographs: