Peter Hugo Lejeune


Part-time Faculty


Office Phone: 703-992-4010

Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Mr. Lejeune currently serves as a senior advisor to the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction office. Previously he has spent more than 40 years working with the US Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and its precursors, as well as holding senior positions in the Defense Contracting sector, the financial sector and state/local governments.

His expertise spans technology, Intelligence, the US government Inter-agency, state and local governments as well as international activities. He has served on a number of Inter-agency advisory groups and panels addressing the threat of the terrorist use of WMD and in particular the use of technology to assess and mitigate these threats. In addition, he has performed counter-terrorist threat and target assessments both in the United States and abroad and has worked on the issue of countering recruiting efforts and the application of influence operations.

He worked as Director of Emergency Planning and Response, Mayor’s Office, City of New York under Mayor Ed Koch and as an adviser to the Police of Puerto Rico and to the government of Puerto Rico. Served as a Member of the Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (TRAC), at the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Performed a review of the effects of the 9-11 attack on the banking system. As a long-standing all member of the Los Angeles County TEW (LA County Terrorism Early Warning Group) he led the LA TEW forensics (biological, chemical and radiological) cell for the Democratic National Convention in 2000. Participated in the creation of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's "Innovations in Homeland Security" program and served as the lead evaluator for this program performing annual reviews of applicants for the award.


International Counter Proliferation, Homeland Security, Crisis Management, and Emergency Response

Influence Operations

DFLT IAFF 6169 10 - Homeland Security

  • Reverse Engineering Extremist Narratives in a Big Data Environment—Targeting the Human Domain in Real-time, 2016
  • Induced Negative Subliminal Reactions to Radical Media and Propaganda: Countering Recruiting Efforts in a Congested Media Environment Peter Lejeune with Joel L. Davis, Gregory Seese, Rafael E. Linera Rivera, Small Wars Journal Article | Aug 7 2016
  • Influencing Behavior in Mid-21st Century Asymmetric and Irregular Warfare: Peter Lejeune Gregory Seese, Rafael E. Linera Rivera Small Wars Journal Article | Jul 29 2016
  • Chaired the Chemical Biological Medical Treatment Symposium (a.k.a. CBRN Science and Consequence Management) in Spiez, Switzerland, 2012