Image: Man holding American flag in the air

Was 2015 the end of America as a superpower?

December 31, 2015

Esther Brimmer discusses changes in the world order and America's place in the international system on the PBS NewsHour "Shortwave" podcast.

The best writing on political economy in 2015

December 31, 2015

David Shambaugh is honored for his Wall Street Journal article, "The Coming Chinese Crackup", in Washington Post article on this year's best writings on political economy. 

Books on a shelf

Abu Aardvark’s 2015 Middle East Book Awards

December 31, 2015

Marc Lynch authors Washington Post article honoring the best Middle Eastern political science books he's read over the course of the year. 

'Comfort Women' Agreement Hailed as Breakthrough for Seoul, Tokyo

December 30, 2015

Gregg Brazinsky communicates his reservations about the new 'Comfort Women' Agreement in Voice of America article.


Capture of key complex at Ramadi could mark a strategic victory over Islamic State, but will it hold?

December 28, 2015

Stephen Biddle commented on a strategic victory for the Iraqi military and coalition forces who reclaimed the city of Ramadi from the Islamic State in the Los Angeles Times.

image: Chinese flag in snow

2015: China’s year of diplomatic highs and domestic lows

December 27, 2015

David Shambaugh says China's confidence on the international stage stands in stark contrast to domestic economic instability and increased repression of dissent in a South China Morning Post opinion piece.

Who Owns the Moon?

December 25, 2015

Henry Hertzfeld explains the international system that governs ownership in space at TEDx Indiana University.

Defining And Defending Property Rights In Space

December 24, 2015

Henry Hertzfeld is quoted in Palisades Hudson Financial Group LLC piece regarding possible international resistance to the new law concerning ownership of celestial materials.

Islamic Children learning

Islamic Teachings for Flourishing Societies

December 23, 2015

Hossein Askari authors Huffington Post article on the positive effect Islamic teachings would have on the development of a prosperous society. 

China tightens its security screws

December 22, 2015

David Shambaugh is mentioned in East Asia Forum article on the possible demise of the Chinese Communist Party following new strict security measures. 

Here's Why the SpaceX Rocket Landing Is Such a Big Deal

December 22, 2015

Scott Pace is quoted in NBC News article regarding the importance of the SpaceX Rocket Landing. 

Experts applaud SpaceX rocket landing, potential savings

December 22, 2015

John Logsdon is quoted in CBS News article considering the key to the reusability of rockets.

The year in Elon Musk's highs and lows, from Tesla to SpaceX

December 22, 2015

John Logsdon is quoted considering the trial-and-error method of the space business in Mashable piece exploring Elon Musk's newest ventures.

Rocket Launch

SpaceX landing highlights promise, challenges of rocket reusability

December 22, 2015

Henry Hertzfeld is quoted in USA Today article considering the future possibility of rockets able to land and take-off multiple times.  

Syrian War Victims

To Save 25,000 Syrian Children

December 22, 2015

Amitai Etzioni authors Huffington Post article suggesting the immigration of thousands of Syrian children to the U.S. to live in foster homes until the war ceases.