China tightens its security screws

December 22, 2015

David Shambaugh is mentioned in East Asia Forum article on the possible demise of the Chinese Communist Party following new strict security measures. 

Here's Why the SpaceX Rocket Landing Is Such a Big Deal

December 22, 2015

Scott Pace is quoted in NBC News article regarding the importance of the SpaceX Rocket Landing. 

Experts applaud SpaceX rocket landing, potential savings

December 22, 2015

John Logsdon is quoted in CBS News article considering the key to the reusability of rockets.

The year in Elon Musk's highs and lows, from Tesla to SpaceX

December 22, 2015

John Logsdon is quoted considering the trial-and-error method of the space business in Mashable piece exploring Elon Musk's newest ventures.

Rocket Launch

SpaceX landing highlights promise, challenges of rocket reusability

December 22, 2015

Henry Hertzfeld is quoted in USA Today article considering the future possibility of rockets able to land and take-off multiple times.  

Syrian War Victims

To Save 25,000 Syrian Children

December 22, 2015

Amitai Etzioni authors Huffington Post article suggesting the immigration of thousands of Syrian children to the U.S. to live in foster homes until the war ceases. 

Super-PAC seeks to soften Clinton in new holiday video

December 22, 2015

Allida Black is mentioned for her project "Let's Talk Hillary" in conjunction to other campaigns meant to boost Clinton's likeability. 

GOP Talks the Talk but Fails the Walk on ISIS

December 21, 2015

Elizabeth Saunders is quoted in US News & World Report article about the discrepancies between the words and the actions of political figures.

Medicare, Trump and 'Star Wars'

December 21, 2015

Henry Farrell is mentioned in Bloomberg View article regarding his recent article on effective argumentation about the importance of political science.

World-Wide Web

Welcome to the Splinternet

December 21, 2015

Henry Farrell is quoted about the emergence of international online surveillance systems post-9/11 in World Post article surrounding the fragmentation of the world-wide web as a result of geopolitical differences.

Is the Pentagon Out of Step with the White House on China?

December 21, 2015

Amitai Etzioni authors The Diplomat article on the charge that the Pentagon is out of step with the White House on issues of military operations in the Middle East and China.

Combat Terrorism

Slaying IS and its Unborn Offspring

December 19, 2015

Hossein Askari authors HuffPost Religion article outlining five necessary initiatives to eradicate terrorism.

African Union Set to Deploy 5,000 Peacekeepers in Burundi

December 18, 2015

Paul Williams is quoted in Foreign Policy article about the African Union Peace and Security Council's authorization of a 5,000+ peace-keeping force to be deployed for Burundi.

Effective Arguments

The Weekly Standard makes a fact-free argument about political science. Here are some facts.

December 18, 2015

Henry Farrell authors Washington Post article on how to make effective causal assertions by considering the failures of Steven Hayward's argument in his recent Weekly Standard piece.

UN Peacekeepers Day Celebration in the DR Congo

Special Report: The African Union’s Coercive Diplomacy in Burundi

December 18, 2015

Paul Williams authors an article for IPI Global Observatory that gives insight into the African Union's authorization for 5,000 peacekeeping forces to be deployed in Burundi.