Military in Oman

The greatest threat in the Middle East is 'going to get much worse before it gets better'

January 10, 2016

Marc Lynch warns that sectarian politics in the middle east will be much stronger and more dangerous than in the past in Business Insider.

Mosque in Istanbul

Islamicity Indices -- The Best Instrument for Changing the Muslim World

January 10, 2016

Hossein Askari explains how Islamicity Indices could provide a benchmark for Islamic teachings and assess countries' performance for The Huffington Post.

Women in Egypt

Egypt’s President Turns to Religion to Bolster His Authority

January 09, 2016

Nathan Brown speaks about the Egyptian President's relationship with Sunni Muslim organization Al Azhar and how it's used for political authority in The New York Times.

Press Conference USA

January 08, 2016

William Lawrence is interviewed by Voice of America on the fifth anniversary of the uprising that sparked the Arab Spring about the viability of the recent power sharing agreement of Libya, the negative effect of the growing presence of ISIS, and expectations of Tunisia's beginner democracy.


Estonia: A Hub of Cyber Innovation

January 07, 2016

Rhea Siers describes the cyber advancements that have made Estonia a leader in the digital economy and wired world in The Cipher Brief.

Taiwan's Military

Evaluating Taiwan’s National Power

January 06, 2016

Robert Sutter asserts that Taiwan's greatest problem is domestic political wrangling despite the persistent security threat from China in The Diplomat.

Prayer Stone in Mosque

Iran’s Beleaguered Sunnis

January 06, 2016

Marc Lynch explains why Iran and Saudi Arabia are using the recent conflict to exploit sectarian differences for political gain in a recent peice by The Atlantic.

Refugee Men

Europe’s Man Problem

January 05, 2016

Barbara Miller gives a scholarly take as to why disproportionately male immigrants in Europe may be dangerous and require state action.

Quran at Mecca

The real roots of Sunni-Shia conflict: beyond the myth of "ancient religious hatreds"

January 05, 2016

Vox quotes Marc Lynch in an article claiming the true tensions between major Muslim sects reach further than simply historical beginnings.

Women in Iran

Saudi-Iran spat a battle over regional influence, not religious rivalry

January 05, 2016

Marc Lynch is quoted in a recent Aljazeera America peice arguing that tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are based on influence instead of religion.


5 facts about Sunnis and Shiites that help make sense of the Saudi-Iran crisis

January 05, 2016

To help explain the Saudi-Iran crisis, Marc Lynch discusses key differences between Sunnis and Shiites that have a bearing on the conflict.

Flames rise from the Saudi Arabian Embassy during a demonstration in Tehran, Iran, over the weekend.

Why Saudi Arabia and Iran May Be Seeking a New Crisis

January 04, 2016

Marc Lynch notes the unusual provocativeness of Saudi Arabia's moves in a the new crisis that may benefit both the Saudi royal family and Iranian hard-liners.

Why Saudi Arabia escalated the Middle East’s sectarian conflict

January 04, 2016

Marc Lynch authors Washington Post article on the implications of the Saudi escalation of Middle Eastern sectarian conflict.  

Image: Globe

Why Saudi Arabia escalated the Middle East’s sectarian conflict

January 04, 2016

Marc Lynch analyzes the current crisis in the Middle East after the Saudi execution of a prominent Shiite cleric and the subsequent torching of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran.

The cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran that's tearing apart the Middle East, explained

January 04, 2016

Marc Lynch explains how the supposedly ancient Sunni-Shia divide is in fact very modern and has implications for the Saudi-Iran conflict.