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Ned Lazarus

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Ned Lazarus is Teaching Associate Professor of International Affairs at the Elliott School and an Israel Institute Teaching Fellow. A Conflict Resolution scholar, practitioner and evaluator, Ned has conducted evaluative studies of peacebuilding initiatives on behalf of USAID, USIP, the European Union and the US Department of State. Ned has taught Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, Georgetown University, American University, the University of Malta and the University of Massachusetts-Boston; his research has been published in Peace and ChangeInternational Journal of Conflict Engagement and ResolutionJournal of Peacebuilding and DevelopmentPalestine-Israel Journal, and Israel Studies Review. Ned earned his doctorate from American University's School of International Service in 2011; his dissertation traces the long-term impact of peace education participation among more than 800 Israeli and Palestinian Seeds of Peace participants from adolescence through adulthood. Before entering the academic field, Ned served as Middle East Program Director for Seeds of Peace, based in Jerusalem, from 1996-2004. 

Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Dialogue, Evaluation, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Peace Education

Ph.D., American University

IAFF 6171 Conflict and Conflict Resolution (graduate)

IAFF 3181 Conflict and Conflict Resolution (undergraduate)

IAFF 3188 Special Topics: Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding

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