Meet the LAHSP Faculty

Program Director

Diego Abente-Brun (Ph.D., The University of New Mexico)
Director, Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program
Concentrations: International relations of Latin America, governance, comparative democratization.

Affiliated Faculty

Patricia Acerbi (Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park)
Professorial Lecturer of History
Concentrations: History, economic development, Brazil.
Paula Alonso (Ph.D., Oxford University)
Associate Professor of History and International Affairs
Concentrations: Modern Latin American history and politics, Argentina.
Jenna Ben-Yehuda (M.A., National Intelligence University, National Defense University)
Professorial Lecturer, Vice President, Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC
Concentrations: Security, gender.
Christopher Britt (Ph.D., Princeton University)
Associate Professor of Spanish
Concentrations: Latin American nationalisms, post-coloniality.
Yvonne Captain (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Associate Professor of Latin American Film and Literature and International Affairs
Concentrations: Latin American film and media, Afro-Latino cultures, south-south relations.
Robert Cottrol (Ph.D., Yale University; J.D. Georgetown University)
Professor of Law, History and Sociology
Concentrations: Law of race and slavery, criminal law, history, sociology.
Manuel Cuellar (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley)
Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature
Concentrations: Mexican literary and cultural studies, race, gender, sexuality.
Alex Dent (Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs
Concentrations: Language, media, rural-urban relations, ethnography, Brazil.
Lino Gutierrez (M.A., University of Alabama)
Professorial Lecturer, President of Gutierrez Global, LLC
Concentrations: LAHSP Capstone, Cuba, Central America, diplomacy.
Jorge Hernandez-Fujigaki (Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Professorial Lecturer
Concentrations: Mexican history, Mexican-American history.
Graciela Kaminsky (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Concentrations: International finance, open-economy macroeconomics.
Stephen B. Kaplan (Ph.D., Yale University)
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Concentrations: Political economy, development, Latin American politics.
Antonio Lopez (Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Associate Professor of English
Concentrations: Latina/o, African diaspora, literary and cultural theory.
Ronald Luna (Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park)
Professorial Lecturer
Concentrations: Migration, transnationalism, culture space.
Jason Marczak (M.A., Johns Hopkins University)
Professorial Lecturer, Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at the Atlantic Council
Concentrations: Democracy, energy, innovation, trade, urbanization, migration.
Daniel Martinez (Ph.D., University of Arizona)
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Associate Director of the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership
Concentrations: Unauthorized migration, criminalization and criminology.
Noel Maurer (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Associate Professor of International Business
Concentrations: Private property rights, Mexico.
Michael McCarthy (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University)
Professorial Lecturer, Research Fellow, Center for Latin American Studies at AU
Concentrations: Populism in Latin America, Venezuela.
Cynthia McClintock (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Concentration: Latin American politics, electoral processes, Peru.
Elaine Peña (Ph.D., Northwestern University)
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Concentrations: Performance theory and pedagogy, religious studies, transnational studies.
José Raúl Perales (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Professorial Lecturer, Deputy Director of Trade at Center for International Private Enterprise
Concentrations: Human rights, international law in the Americas.
Marie Price (Ph.D., Syracuse University)
Professor of Geography and International Affairs
Concentrations: Political and cultural geography of Latin America, immigration, global cities.
Elvira-Maria Restrepo (Ph.D., Oxford University)
Interim Director (2019), Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program
Professorial Lecturer, Honors Program
Concentrations: Human rights, Colombia
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Jorge Rivera (Ph.D. Duke University)
Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Concentrations: Corporate environmental strategies.
Arturo Sarukhan (M.A., Johns Hopkins University)
Professorial Lecturer, Former Ambassador of Mexico to the United States
Concentration: US-Mexico Relations.
Arturo C. Sotomayor (Ph.D. Colombia University)
Associate Professor of International Affairs, Director of the Security Policy Studies Program
Concentrations: transnational and border security, nuclear non-proliferation and civil-military relations.
Elizabeth Vaquera (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Director of Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute, Professorial Lecturer of Sociology
Concentrations: Immigration, Latino/a sociology, children and youth, quantitative methods.
Diana Villiers Negroponte (Ph.D., Georgetown University, J.D., American University)
Professorial Lecturer, Public Policy Fellow at the Wilson Center
Concentrations: Cold War, globalization, trade and development, Central America, Mexico.
Silvio R. Waisbord (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)
Professor of Media and Public Affairs
Concentrations: Global media, press and politics, development, and social change.
Erica Wortham (Ph.D., New York University)
Professorial Lecturer of Anthropology
Concentrations: Indigenous media, visual heritage, nationalism/ethnicity, Mexico.

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