Mariam Martinez



Part-time Faculty


Mariam received her bachelor's degree in hospitality management from Florida International University in 2017. At 19, Mariam became the youngest manager at the Walt Disney World Resort. After working in the hospitality industry for five years, Mariam pursued her Master's in Higher Education Administration from Georgetown University, focusing on student enrollment and student involvement in Hispanic Serving Institutions. Recipient of Georgetown’s Outstanding Student Award, Mariam completed her Masters in 2021. Mariam has been a member of the GW community since 2020, currently serving as the Community Coordinator for 1959 E st. Mariam is pursuing her Doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning here at GW, and is researching Intuition and Embodied Leadership in the Workplace.

Hospitality management; higher education; human behavior; organizational management; Spanish language

Intuition and Embodied Leadership in the Workplace