Laura Sheehan

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Laura Sheehan

Professorial Lecturer

Part-time Faculty


Having successfully navigated the personal and professional challenges of living in eight countries over the last 20+ years, I am thrilled to be able to use those experiences to assist my fellow international affairs professionals - both novice and seasoned - in their individual quests to launch a new career, search for a new job, redefine their professional goals, or establish a portable professional identity.

My career has been anything but linear. I've held many different jobs, moved many many times...and all the while, I was building the essential skills and invaluable life experiences required to find and define my own calling. When I was presented with the opportunity to serve students and alums in the higher education setting, it felt like all of the pieces of my life were magically coming together...especially for those entering a career in global affairs!

I am a lawyer, a career coach and strategist...and maybe most importantly, I am a connector and a personal advocate. I want to see others succeed.

Internship Professional Development Seminar (IAFF 3196)