Laura Engel Draws Lessons from Research on Global Education

Laura Engel
Laura Engel, Associate Professor of International Education and International Affairs
February 11, 2019

In a recent Education Week Global Learning Blog, Elliott School and Graduate School of Education & Human Development Associate Professor of International Education and International Affairs Laura Engel and her fellow researchers Heidi Gibson and Kayla Gatalica unveiled critical lessons from their investigation into global education initiatives in the United States. Their research, involving virtual and in-person site visits to education programs in North Carolina, Virginia, and Illinois as well as an extended case study of the work of the District of Columbia's public school global education team, led Engel and her collaborators to draw important conclusions on how to make progress toward key global education goals. Most importantly, their work revealed the power of:

  • champions who sought to invest in global education,
  • leveraging partnerships among diverse stakeholders,
  • developing and telling the story of the importance of global education, and
  • building a network to create opportunities.

Above all, the blog notes, "Across the four contexts and our lessons learned, there is a clear value added when district and state leaders connect and share practices, policies, and research about global education in K-12 US settings."