Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Major

The Latin American & Hemispheric Studies major begins with a foundation that builds intellectual skill in the topics that are important to international issues: economics, history, political science, and anthropology. It complements that core with courses specific to the region: local politics, security of the southern cone, human movement, and the region's relationships with its northern neighbors.


Foundation (3 Credits)

The foundation course should be taken before junior year.

IAFF 2090: Latin America: Problems and Promise

Foreign Language

Students must prove 3rd year proficiency in a modern foreign languages by examination or coursework. If you would like information on the Elliott School foreign language examinations, please contact your academic advisor.

Spanish or Portuguese

SPAN 1011 or 1012, 1013, 1014, 2005, 2006 or (2056)

– OR –

PORT 1001, 1002, or (1012), 1003, 1004, 2005, 2006
*Portuguese courses offerings are dependent on faculty availability* 

Regional Foundation (3 Credits)

Students must take one course from the lists below to gain an understanding of a region of the world outside of Latin America and the United States. Select the region to see the list of approved classes.

Select One:

Europe and Eurasia
Middle East

Research Methods (3 Credits)

Students must complete one course pertaining to qualitative or quantitative social science research methods.

  • Credit for only one of the following courses may be applied toward a degree: STAT 1051, 1053, or 1111.
  • STAT courses may not be double-counted between the Math requirement and the Research Methods requirement.

Select One:
ANTH 3531: Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology
ECON 2123: Introduction to Econometrics
GEOG 2104: Introduction to Cartography/GIS
GEOG 2105: Techniques of Spatial Analysis
IAFF 2040: International Affairs Research Methods*
PSC 2101: Scope and Methods of Political Science
PSYC 2101: Research Methods in Psychology
PUBH 3131: Epidemiology: Measuring Health and Disease
PUBH 3199: Qualitative Research Methods*
SOC 2101: Social Research Methods
SOC 2111: Field Research
STAT 1051: Introduction to Business & Economic Statistics
STAT 1053: Introduction to Statistics in Social Science
STAT 1111: Business and Economic Statistics I
STAT 2105: Statistics in the Behaviorial Sciences
STAT 2112: Business and Economic Statistics II

*Academic Advisor approval required for courses not listed here.


Latin American Literature (3 Credits)

Select One:

Another 3000- or 4000-level literature course may be substituted for the courses below with the approval of the Program Director.

PORT 4800: Independent Study *
SPAN 3100: General Readings in Spanish Literature
SPAN 3410: Latin American Short Fiction
SPAN 3420: The Essayist Tradition in Latin America
SPAN 3600/4600: Special Topics in Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 4800 Independent Study *

* Program Director pre-approval required.

Multi-disciplinary Core (21 Credits)

History (3 Credits)

Select One:

HIST 3701: Topics in Latin American History
HIST 3710: History of Latin America I
HIST 3711: History of Latin America II

Political Science (3 Credits)

Select One:

PSC 2383: Government and Politics of Latin America
PSC 2484: International Relations of Latin America

Economics (3 Credits)

Required: ECON 2151: Economic Development

Geography (3 Credits)

Required: GEOG 3161: Geography of Latin America

Anthropology (3 Credits)

Select One:

ANTH 3702: Anthropology of Latin America
ANTH 3891: Special Topics in Archaeology

  • Courses with Latin American content Pre-Approved by the Program Director

ANTH 3991: Special Topics in Anthropology

  • Courses with Latin American content Pre-Approved by the Program Director
    – OR –
  • another 3000-level anthropology course with Latin American content approved by the Program Director

International Affairs (6 Credits)

Select Two:

IAFF 2190W: Pre-Approved Special Topics Courses with Latin American content. Program Director approval required for courses not listed here.

  • Latin American Populism

IAFF 3183: Pre-Approved Special Topics in Development Policy Courses with Latin American content. Program Director approval required for courses not listed here.

  • Post Disaster Development: Haiti

IAFF 3187: Special Topics in Latin America and Hemispheric Studies
All IAFF 3187 courses may be used for this requirement and are repeatable for credit with different titles. 

* Undergraduatuate students may be able to enroll in LAHS graduate courses with professor approval.


Select two courses related to Latin America from any discipline and submit a Related Coursework Form to Undergraduate Academic Advising with the Program Director's signature.



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