Justin Lynch


Part-time Faculty


Justin Lynch teaches artificial intelligence and international security. Outside of GWU, his work in industry and as a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council focuses on the impact of technology on conflict and competition, and how militaries can adapt their strategies and operational concepts.

Prior to his current role, Justin served as the senior director for defense at the Special Competitive Studies Project, as a policy advisor for artificial intelligence at the Office of Science and Technology Policy, as a director of research and analysis at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence and as staff on the US House Armed Services Committee. He also served in the US Army for fifteen years, nine of which were on active duty and six of which were in the North Carolina National Guard.


Artificial intelligence, military operations, international security, quantum computing

Artificial intelligence and conflict, drone warfare, urban warfare

Justin holds an MA in government from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in history from the US Military Academy.

Artificial intelligence and international security

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