Jane Henrici

Professorial Lecturer
[email protected]

Dr. Jane Henrici is an anthropologist with a focus on gender and intersectional issues of disparity. She is an independent consultant, senior researcher, and gender advisor as well as a Core Content Developer of GenderPro training materials with the Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University and UNICEF. Dr. Henrici has conducted research, advised on programs and policies, and published books and articles primarily concerning the Americas and the Caribbean although also has worked in the Middle East and North Africa, Eurasia, and Asia. She has in-depth knowledge about and experience in poverty response; skills education and training; and livelihoods development. Her doctorate is from the University of Texas-Austin, her master’s from the University of Chicago, and her honors include being a Fulbright Scholar in Peru.

Dr. Henrici specializes in participatory and transformative work and is an experienced study director and field researcher with expertise in mixed methods and multi-perspectival investigations. She has employed various techniques and formats for original data collection and analysis that range from multi-national level longitudinal studies to small-scale Rapid Assessments; topics include policy change effects; planning and development inclusion; workforce participation; skill and job training; health care and coverage access; displacement, migration, and migrant labor; disaster recovery; and political participation. In addition to teaching with the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs, she is Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington, DC.

Dr. Henrici has been cited in a range of media, including The Guardian, CNN, Newsweek, Bloomberg News, and The Nation, as well as in U.S. federal court decisions. Her most recent publications are “Crafting Fair Trade Tourism: Gender, Race, and Development in Peru” in The Public Value of Anthropology: Engaging Critical Social Issues Through Ethnography, Bozen-Bolzano University and Get to the Bricks: The Experiences of Black Women from New Orleans Public Housing After Hurricane Katrina, with Elyse Shaw and Chandra Childers, Institute for Women’s Policy Research. These texts, as well as her other publications and current work toward a forthcoming edited volume, deal with policy and programming that affect the long-term resilience and recovery of low-income ethnic minority women after disasters.