Master of International Studies (MIS) Program

Earn a second master's degree in nine months

For the Master of International Studies (MIS) degree, the Elliott School recruits exclusively from Masters' programs at our international partners around the globe.

The MIS provides alumni of renowned foreign universities with an opportunity to experience first-hand all that Washington, DC has to offer. Students are able to examine, with their American peers, the forces shaping the world today and determine together what we can, and should do, about them.

Globalization of economic, political, social and cultural activity has created new opportunities and challenges for tomorrow's international leaders. Rarely have we lived in such an uncertain world, one in which the need for increased international understanding and cooperation is essential. Given its influence upon world events, Washington, DC, offers an unparalleled vantage point from which to study our globalized world.

Program Director

Lisa Stephenson, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Phone: (202) 994-6034

Program Staff

Patrick Murphy, Senior Program Assistant
Phone: (202) 994-9698