Core Field

All students must take a required core field in Science, Technology and International Affairs consisting of three courses (9 credits). These courses must include:

  • IAFF 6141: International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
  • IAFF 6159: ISTP Capstone Project - Concluding the program, the capstone uses a cross-disciplinary approach to focus on an ongoing science and technology issue. The course includes a capstone policy exercise where students integrate previous course work in addressing a current policy issue. (Students must attend planning meetings in the fall to begin the client search for the spring project. Please see the professor for any questions).
  • IAFF 6516: Independent Study and Research - Each student will conduct a research project in science, technology, and international affairs for 3-credit hours. The project will be directed by one of the Center's core faculty and students are expected to produce a paper of publishable quality. Students should register with Academic Advising and Student Services when beginning this project. Under special circumstances, it is possible to include a six-credit thesis in a program of study. Students wishing to pursue a thesis option must have the approval of the program advisor and the Dean.