Minor in International Affairs

Students from other schools of the University may complete a minor in international affairs in the Elliott School.

The minor is 18-21 credits, plus 0-8 credits of foreign language, and consists of the requirements listed below.

Students must receive a C- or better in all courses taken to satisfy the minor.

If you officially declared an International Affairs minor 
before August 26, 2013, your requirements are here.

Use the Minor in IAFF Form to declare a minor in international affairs.

Questions? E-mail [email protected] or contact the Elliott School academic advisor assigned to the portion of the alphabet under which your last name falls.

Foreign Language

First-year Foreign Language Requirement (0-8 Credits)

Students must prove first year proficiency in a modern foreign language by coursework or examination.

If you feel you are beyond the first year of a modern foreign language, but cannot demonstrate this by course work at GW, contact your Elliott School academic advisor.

Japanese: JAPN 1001, 1002

Korean: KOR 1001, 1002

Persian: PERS 1001, 1002

Russian: SLAV 1001, 1002
OR SLAV 1012

Spanish: SPAN 1001, 1002
OR SPAN 1011 OR 1012

Arabic: ARAB 1001, 1002
OR ARAB 1201, 1202 

Chinese: CHIN 1001, 1002

French: FREN 1001, 1002

German: GER 1001, 1002

Hebrew: HEBR 1001, 1002

Italian: ITAL 1001, 1002

Advanced Fundamentals and Regional Foundations
See links below for lists of approved courses for each requirement.